Electronic Kits

Atari Punk Console


Complete kit to build the iconic Atari Punk Console, standalone synth with built in amp and speaker for portable noise-goodness that makes a great basis for other synth projects.

An ideal project for young people and beginners.

Available for purchase here.

PunkSeq10 – Sequencer/Synthesiser

Complete kit to build the PunkSeq10, standalone sequencer/synth with built in amp and speaker for portable noise-goodness.

The kit combines a 10 step sequencer (switchable between 4/8/10 steps) and an Atari Punk Console synth. It makes a great project for those with previous soldering experience.

Available for purchase here.

The Crackler


Complete kit to build The Crackler.

A hand-held interpretation of the 1960s experimental circuit that was developed at the Steim Institute in Amsterdam – The Crackle Box (more info here – steim.org/product/cracklebox/).

For musicians it is a great performance instrument for improvisation!

Available for purchase here.